An endorsement by Jim Teeny
In this short clip, the host of MTM's first project, Intro to Trout Fishing, tells you what it is like to work with Magic Tailout Media LLC. It's a good example of run and gun style shooting. Our work here resulted in over 40,000 DVDs are in circulation.
Fish First -
A Full Cycle of Recovery

This is the video that changed an organization and brought the Coastal Conservation Association [cca] to the Pacific Northwest. It's a great example of how MTM can incorporate historical photos and video shot by others. Visit
HRM Sports -
A trip down the Nush

Who would turn down a chance to fish the famous Nushagak River and be a member of he 30/40 club? 30 kings/40 pounder, it's possible here. Visit the HRM website.
Korkers - Changing Soles
Korkers had a great idea in the interchangeable soles, but people kept calling asking how it worked. Now, the folks at Korkers send them to their website, where they can see a demonstration. A great example of our studio and lighting abilities. Visit the Korkers website.
Regence Blue Cross
So it's not a fishing project, but it was just a plain fun shoot. Shot on location in Portland, Oregon and Palm Springs, California. A good example of solid regional talent. Visit Blue Cross.
A higher budget indoor shoot showcasing Bryan's ability to work with multiple camera operators and sophisticated equipment. Visit Rescue.
Water Ready!
So it's a commercial in the middle of our fly fishing magazine. Forgive us, but we think the boats are great, and they are built here in America by one of our favorite guys in the industry, Bruce Bittler. Visit the Water Ready website.
Small Stream Outfitters
A short little clip highlighting some great local steelhead and cutt fishing. One of our favorite local guides and part time Alaskan host. Visit the Small Stream Outfitters website.
Learning for Life
A pro bono project for a great program. Just look at some of the stuff these kids do.
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